Ordermark System


  • Report an order issue (upcharge, refund request, no driver, etc)
  • Out of Stock
    1. Open the 86 tab in your dashboard.
    2. Select Out of Stock.
    3. Note: Item will be unavailable for the remainder of the day unless marked Available.

  • Change prep time
    • Uber Eats & Postmates – Please contact Ordermark support via phone at 833-673-3762 or via SMS at 206-690-8442.
    • Grubhub – Please contact Grubhub directly at 877-799-0790.
    • Doordash – Prep time calculated by Doordash’s algorithm.
    • Other delivery service providers – Please contact them directly.
  • Pause incoming orders
    1. Click Pause Services on the Orders tab.
    2. Select which delivery services you want to pause.
    3. Choose how long you want to pause orders.
    4. Enter your name and reason for pausing orders.
    5. Confirm the pause request.

  • Accessing your menu(s)
    • Disclaimer: For manager/operator security, all menu changes, edits and publishing can only be accessed from an online web browser on a computer with a Store Admin login.
      • After logging in, click the Menu (fork and knife icon) tab on the left to access your menu(s).

  • Create a new menu
    1. Open the Menu tab and select New Menu.
    2. Name your menu and include a brief description.
    3. Add Sections that you have already created.
    4. Add the Delivery Service Providers you want to share this menu with.
    5. Include your menu schedule.
    6. If the menu is ready to go live, toggle the Publish button on.
    7. Save the menu and return to the menu dashboard.
    8. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Create a new section
    1. Select the Sections tab at the top of the menu dashboard, then click New Section OR navigate there from inside a menu by selecting Add Section then Create New Section.
    2. Name your section and include a description.
    3. Add items you have already created or use the drop-down to create new items.
    4. Once added, you can rearrange the order of your items by clicking the dots and dragging the item.
    5. Save your edits. Now this section will be available to add to menus. 
  • Create a new item
    1. Select the Items tab at the top of the menu dashboard, then click New Item; OR navigate there from inside a section by using the Item drop-down to select Create New Item.
    2. Name the item and include a description, price and calorie information (optional).
    3. Add an image of the item.
    4. Save the item and return to the menu dashboard.
    5. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services. 
  • Create a new modifier group
    1. Select the Modifier Groups tab at the top of the menu dashboard, then click New Group; OR navigate there from an item by using the Modifier drop-down to select Create a New Modifier Group.
    2. Name the modifier group and set the rules for the minimum and maximum number of modifiers a customer may choose.
    3. Use the Modifier Items drop-down to select which items to include.
      • Please note: You must first create each modifier option as an item before you can add them to a modifier group.
    4. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard. 
    5. Select the Items tab and locate the items this Modifier Group should apply to.
    6. Use the Modifier Groups drop-down to select the Modifier Group you just created.
    7. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    8. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Edit an existing section
    1. Select the Sections tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the section you wish to edit. Click on the dots to the right of the section to edit, duplicate or delete the section or click on the item directly to edit it; OR you can navigate there from inside a menu by clicking the Edit Section button.
    2. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    3. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services. 
  • Edit an existing item
    1. Select the Items tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the item you wish to edit. Click on the dots to the right of the item to edit, duplicate or delete the item or click on the item directly to edit it; OR you can navigate there from inside a menu by clicking on the item.
    2. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    3. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Edit an existing modifier group
    1. Select the Modifier Group tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the modifier group you wish to edit.
    2. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    3. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Remove vs. unpublish an item
    • To permanently remove an item from a menu, click on the corresponding menu.
      1. Locate the item and click on the three dots and select Remove.
      2. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
      3. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
    • Alternately, to temporarily remove an item from a menu, click on the corresponding menu.
      1. Locate the item and click on it.
      2. Toggle the Publish button off.
        • This will hide the item from customers until you opt to republish the item and make it available again.
      3. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
      4. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Publish menu updates
    • Anytime changes are made to a menu, a yellow banner will appear on the menu dashboard alerting you to publish the changes
      1. Open the dropdown next to Publish and click the blue Publish button.
      2. Confirm the publish to push the updates to integrated delivery services
  • Holiday closures
    1. Open the Settings then select the Holiday Closures tab at the top
    2. Select Add new holiday closures.
    3. Input the day(s) your store will be closed and click Save.
    4. Review the info and if it’s correct, click Save again.
      • You can later delete or edit these closures using the pencil or X buttons – just be sure to Save any changes you make.
  • Holiday hours
    • If your restaurant will be open but operating for special hours, edit the menu schedule for the weekday the holiday is on.
      1. Locate the menu and click the three dots in the right corner and select Edit from the drop-down. 
      2. Edit the hours on the specific weekday the holiday falls on to reflect the special hours.
      3. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
      4. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services. 
    • Remember to change the hours back after the holiday passes, and as always save and publish the changes.
  • Update menu hours
    1. To temporarily or permanently change your restaurant or menu hours, click the three dots in the right corner of the corresponding menu and select Edit from the drop-down.
    2. After updating the schedule, save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    3. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Upload photo(s)
    1. Select the Items tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the item you wish to edit and click on it.
    2. Click on the plus sign below images
    3. Drag and drop or upload the item photo.
      • Please note the picture must be in .jpg or .png format.
    4. Make any adjustments, click Save and then Upload.
    5. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    6. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Add alcohol tag
    1. Select the Items tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the item you wish to edit and click on it.
    2. Enter the restaurant’s alcohol tax rate and toggle the Is Alcohol switch on.
    3. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    4. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
    1. Open the Settings.
    2. Change the tax rate and click Save.
      • This tax rate will now apply to all items without individual tax rates identified.
  • Price override
    1. Select the Items tab at the top of the menu dashboard to locate the item you wish to edit and click on it.
    2. Click Add Rule under price overrides.
    3. Enter the override details and Save the rule.
    4. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    5. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.
  • Split shifts/hours
    1. Locate the menu(s) and click the three dots in the right corner and select Edit from the drop-down. 
    2. Click Add Time and enter the info for the first shift.
    3. Click Add Time again and enter the info for the second shift.
    4. Save your edits and return to the menu dashboard.
    5. Publish the changes to push the updates to integrated delivery services.


  • Connect delivery services via API
    1. Log into your Store Admin account on a web browser.
    2. Open the Settings and click on the Integrations tab.
    3. Select the delivery service you want to integrate with Ordermark and click Add.
      • If you click I have an account a window will open with instructions on how to link your account with Ordermark and your Location ID, which you will provide to the corresponding delivery service.
      • If you click I need to create an account an external window will open to the delivery service website so you can begin setting up your account. After set up, return to this page to complete the integration.

  • Driver shows for order not on dashboard
    1. Connect your tablet to a hotspot to verify your network stability.
      • If the missing order appears, please contact your internet network provider for assistance.
    2. If you are using a delivery service provider’s tablet, please turn it off and contact the delivery service to ensure your API integration is healthy.
    3. If the problem persists, please contact Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762 or by SMS at 206-690-8442.


  • Printer is not printing
    1. Verify the printer is securely plugged into a power source and the power cord is securely plugged into the printer.
    2. Confirm there is paper and it is loaded correctly.
    3. Power cycle the device by turning off and unplugging from a power source, then plugging it back in and turning it back on.
    4. Verify your internet network is working. If you’re not sure, connect another device to your network to see if it works,
    5. If you still need help, please reach out to Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762 or SMS at 206-690-8442.
      • Please ensure you have your internet network name and password available. You can verify you have the correct password by connecting another device to the network.
  • Unable to log into tablet
    1. Verify the username and password are the correct case as the login is case sensitive. 
    2. If you still need help, please reach out to Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762 or SMS at 206-690-8442.
      • If you can locate the email sent when your tablet login was first created, the username and password are located within.
  • Tablet screen is white, dashboard will not load
    1. Verify your internet network is working. If you’re not sure, connect another device to your network to see if it works.
      • This typically indicates network instability. To check, connect your tablet to a hotspot – if the screen loads properly, please reach out to your internet provider 
    2. If the problem persists, please contact Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762 or by SMS at 206-690-8442.
  • Equipment is damaged or needs replacement
    • Please contact Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762 or by SMS at 206-690-8442.


  • Tablet vs. store admin reports
    • Tablet reports provide limited information on sales for the last 7 days only. Store admin logins provide advanced reporting for any date range.
      • Please remember these reports are the raw order data and do not take into account any chargebacks, refunds or adjustments. This data should not be used for accounting reconciliation.
  • Summary report
    • A brief overview of your online ordering business during a specific timeframe.
    • To change the filters, use the drop-downs in the gray bar. You can filter by date range, day of the week, or provider.


  • Reports for export
    • Daily Sales – You can filter by date range, day of the week, or provider.
    • Detailed Sales – You can filter by date range, day of the week, or provider.
    • Insights – Month to date summary of daily revenue from delivery services in Excel format. Select Request Report to send a copy to all admins on your account.


  • Additional reports
    You can filter by date range, day of the week, or provider.
    • Hourly Sales
    • Sales by Day
    • Top Sellers
    • Pause History



Terms of Service

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IN NO EVENT SHALL ORDERMARK, ITS AFFILIATES, AGENTS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS, OR LICENSORS BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY CLAIMS, PROCEEDINGS, LIABILITIES, OBLIGATIONS, DAMAGES, LOSSES OR COSTS IN AN AMOUNT EXCEEDING THE AMOUNT YOU PAID TO ORDERMARK HEREUNDER OR $100.00, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SECTION APPLIES WHETHER THE ALLEGED LIABILITY IS BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OR ANY OTHER BASIS, EVEN IF ORDERMARK HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. THE FOREGOING LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SHALL APPLY TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW IN THE APPLICABLE JURISDICTION. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. THIS AGREEMENT GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. THE DISCLAIMERS, EXCLUSIONS, AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT WILL NOT APPLY TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW. 14. Privacy Policy. Ordermark’s privacy policy, a copy of which is available at https://ordermark.com/privacy/ is incorporated in this Agreement by reference. By accepting this Agreement, you expressly consent to the use and disclosure of your personally identifiable and other information as described in the Privacy Policy. 15. Linked Sites. The Site may contain links to third party sites that are not under the control of Ordermark, and Ordermark is not responsible for any content on any linked site. If you access a third-party site from the Site, then you do so at your own risk. Ordermark provides links only as a convenience and the inclusion of the link does not imply that Ordermark endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content on those third-party sites. Ordermark welcomes links to the Site. You may establish a link to this Site, provided that the link does not state or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of your site by Ordermark or any group or individual affiliated with Ordermark. You may not use on your site any content or trademarks appearing on the Site in establishing the link. You may not frame or otherwise incorporate into another site the content or other materials on the Site without prior written consent. 16. Notices. All notices by you under this Agreement must be delivered in writing by courier, by electronic facsimile, or by certified or registered mail (postage prepaid and return receipt requested) to Ordermark’s address set forth on the Site, as appropriate. Such notice will be effective upon receipt or three business days after being deposited in the mail, whichever occurs sooner. Ordermark may deliver a notice to you by posting of a general notice on the Site, which will be effective 48 hours after posting to the Site. 17. Term, Termination. This Agreement shall be effective for as long as you use or access the Site or the Services. Ordermark may terminate your access to the Site with or without cause, at any time and without notice to you. Neither Ordermark nor any affiliate of Ordermark shall be liable to you or to any third party for termination of your access for any reason. Sections 6-8, 11-13, and 18 shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement. 18. Governing Law, Arbitration, and Class Action/Jury Trial Waiver. a. Governing Law. You agree that: (i) the Site shall be deemed solely based in California; and (ii) the Site shall be deemed a passive one that does not give rise to personal jurisdiction over us, either specific or general, in jurisdictions other than California. This Agreement shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of California, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. The parties acknowledge that this Agreement evidences a transaction involving interstate commerce. Notwithstanding the preceding sentences with respect to the substantive law, any arbitration conducted pursuant to the terms of this Agreement shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (9 U.S.C. §§ 1-16). The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Los Angeles County, California for any actions for which we retain the right to seek injunctive or other equitable relief in a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent the actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation or violation of a our copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights, as set forth in the Arbitration provision below, including any provisional relief required to prevent irreparable harm. You agree that Los Angeles County, California is the proper forum for any appeals of an arbitration award or for trial court proceedings in the event that the arbitration provision below is found to be unenforceable. b. Arbitration. READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT REQUIRES THE PARTIES TO ARBITRATE THEIR DISPUTES AND LIMITS THE MANNER IN WHICH YOU CAN SEEK RELIEF FROM ORDERMARK. For any dispute with Ordermark, you agree to first contact us at [email protected] and attempt to resolve the dispute with us informally. In the unlikely event that Ordermark has not been able to resolve a dispute it has with you after sixty (60) days, we each agree to resolve any claim, dispute, or controversy (excluding any claims for injunctive or other equitable relief as provided below) arising out of or in connection with or relating to this Agreement, or the breach or alleged breach thereof (collectively, “Claims”), by binding arbitration by JAMS, under the Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures then in effect for JAMS, except as provided herein. JAMS may be contacted at www.jamsadr.com. The arbitration will be conducted in Los Angeles County, California, unless you and Ordermark agree otherwise. If you are using the Site for commercial purposes, each party will be responsible for paying any JAMS filing, administrative and arbitrator fees in accordance with JAMS rules, and the award rendered by the arbitrator shall include costs of arbitration, reasonable attorneys’ fees and reasonable costs for expert and other witnesses. If you are an individual using the Site for non-commercial purposes: (i) JAMS may require you to pay a fee for the initiation of your case, unless you apply for and successfully obtain a fee waiver from JAMS; (ii) the award rendered by the arbitrator may include your costs of arbitration, your reasonable attorney’s fees, and your reasonable costs for expert and other witnesses; and (iii) you may sue in a small claims court of competent jurisdiction without first engaging in arbitration, but this does not absolve you of your commitment to engage in the informal dispute resolution process. Any judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. Nothing in this Section shall be deemed as preventing Ordermark from seeking injunctive or other equitable relief from the courts as necessary to prevent the actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation, or violation of our data security, Intellectual Property Rights or other proprietary rights. c. Class Action/Jury Trial Waiver. WITH RESPECT TO ALL PERSONS AND ENTITIES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY HAVE OBTAINED OR USED THE SITE FOR PERSONAL, COMMERCIAL OR OTHER PURPOSES, ALL CLAIMS MUST BE BROUGHT IN THE PARTIES’ INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS ACTION, COLLECTIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. THIS WAIVER APPLIES TO CLASS ARBITRATION, AND, UNLESS WE AGREE OTHERWISE, THE ARBITRATOR MAY NOT CONSOLIDATE MORE THAN ONE PERSON’S CLAIMS. YOU AGREE THAT, BY ENTERING INTO THIS AGREEMENT, YOU AND ORDERMARK ARE EACH WAIVING THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY OR TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION, COLLECTIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION, OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING OF ANY KIND. 19. California Residents. The provider of services is set forth herein. If you are a California resident, in accordance with Cal. Civ. Code §1789.3, you may report complaints to the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Sites of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by contacting them in writing at 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112 Sacramento, CA 95834, or by telephone at (800) 952-5210 or (916) 445-1254. 20. General Provisions. This Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between Ordermark and you regarding the Site and supersedes any other agreement or proposal, oral or written (including information on the Site), and any other communications between Ordermark and you. There are no other third-party beneficiaries under this Agreement. The waiver of a breach of any provision of this Agreement will not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, such provision will be changed and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of such provision to the greatest extent possible under applicable law and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. You may not assign, delegate or otherwise transfer this Agreement or any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Ordermark. Any such assignment, delegation or transfer in violation of the foregoing will be null and void.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (this “Policy”) covers the Ordermark web site www.ordermark.com and the other web sites operated under the www.ordermark.com (“Site”) collectively referred to as “Ordermark,” and the services provided thereon (the “Services”) and is applicable to all information about you or the company or other entity you represent (“you” or “your”) collected through Ordermark with an effective date of July 1, 2017. This Policy describes the types of information that Ordermark, Inc. (“we”, “us” or “our”) gathers from you and the other people who use Ordermark (the “Users”), how we may use that information and how you can contact us regarding this Policy and your personal information. Changes to Policy. We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time, so please review Ordermark frequently for any changes. Amendments to this Policy will be posted on the Site and will be effective when posted. You will be deemed to have been made aware of, will be subject to, and will be deemed to have accepted, the changes to any amended or revised Policy by your continued access or use of our services or Ordermark. Your Consent. Please read this entire Policy carefully before using Ordermark or providing us with any information. When you access or use Ordermark, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information in accordance Terms and Conditions of Use and with this Policy. By providing information to Ordermark, all Users fully understand and consent to the collection, use and processing of such information by Ordermark or third parties as set forth herein. By using Ordermark, all Users consent to us providing all information (whether or not personally identifiable) received or collected from those Users to such third-party providers for the purpose of enabling the third-party provider to provide these outsourced services to us. In addition, all Users consent to the collection, maintenance, and processing of their information (whether or not personally identifiable) by us and these third-party providers. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and the terms of this Policy, you are not authorized to use the Ordermark Site. Please understand that we may contract with third parties to provide various services to Ordermark relating to Ordermark on an outsourced basis rather than performing those services ourselves. For example, we may (i) contract with an email provider to handle the distribution of email messages to Users, (ii) contract with a web site hosting provider to host Ordermark for us or (iii) contract with a third party to provide call center services to facilitate communication in connection with our services. We may also contract with various validation services to confirm contact information you provide. Maintaining your trust is our top priority, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy: We protect your personally identifiable information and will only provide it to third parties: (1) with your consent; (2) where it is necessary to carry out your instructions; (3) as reasonably necessary in order to provide our features and functionality to you; (4) when we reasonably believe it is required by law, subpoena or other legal process; or (5) as necessary to enforce our Terms of Use or protect the rights, property, or safety of us, our Members and Site visitors, and the public. We have implemented appropriate security safeguards designed to protect your information in accordance with industry standards. Our Site are not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 13. Ordermark complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We do not knowingly collect or use personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If we discover such information from a child under the age of 13, we will eliminate that data. Information You Give Us. We may collect and retain any information from you or your business provided to us when you visit a Site, including when you: use our service; register for an account; communicate with us, such as to provide feedback, request support, or ask for additional information; subscribe to content we offer, such as newsletters, alerts, etc. We may collect information such as your first and last name, business address or other physical address, email address, zip code, telephone number, or information about your interactions with us or others, and other information Social Media. You may use social networks or other online services to access our Site. When you do so, information from those services may be made available to us. By associating a social network account with our Site, you agree that we may access and retain that information in accordance with the policies of the social network or other online service and this Policy. For example, we may be able to access account or profile information that you have provided to the social network or information about your interactions with the social network to make information available to us (such as when commenting on a blog post or using a sign-on service, such as Facebook Connect). Automatically Collected Information. We may collect information automatically when you visit our Sites, such as: your IP address; the type of browser, devices and operating systems you use; identifiers associated with the device(s) you use to access our Sites; the pages you visit, vehicles you view or configure, and the features you use, including dates and times; if you navigated from or navigate to another website, the address of that website; and information regarding your internet service provider. In addition, we may collect information about your activities on our Site through the use of cookies, clear GIFs or web beacons, local shared objects or Flash cookies, or through other identifiers or technologies, including similar technologies as they may evolve over time. We refer to these technologies collectively as Metrics Tools. We may allow third parties to use Metrics Tools on our Sites. The information collected by Metrics Tools may be shared with and used by us, by others acting on our behalf, or by third parties subject to their own privacy policies. Information collected by Metrics Tools may be used on this Site or on other websites or services, including those that may not be operated by us. Although we do our best to honor the privacy preferences of our users, we are unable to respond to Do Not Track signals set by your browser at this time. Email. We may collect information regarding the effectiveness of our email and other communications with you. For example, we may know if you follow a link in an email we send to you. Information from Other Sources. We may obtain information about you from affiliates, partners, automobile dealers and other third parties. This information may include information about your use of this Site or our services, your use of other websites, your interactions with or purchases from automobile dealers, your interests and preferences and other information about you or your household. We may combine the information we obtain from third parties with information that we or our affiliates have collected about you. Use of Information. We and others acting on our behalf may use the information that we collect or receive to operate our business, including our Site, including, but not limited to: Operate and Support our Sites and Services. We use the information that we gather in order to operate our Site and our services. If you establish an account with us, we may use information about you to manage or support your account. We may identify your use of our Sites across devices, and we may use information we collect from you and receive from others to optimize your use of the Site and our services. Improving and Evolving our Services. We constantly evaluate and improve our Site and services, including developing new products or services and use the information we gather to do so. Advertising and Promotions. We may use the information we gather offer, provide, or personalize products and services from us and third parties. For example, we may customize content, promotions and incentives to reflect your preferences, business, interests, or prior interactions with us and others. Testimonials. If you provide any testimonials about our goods or services, we may post those testimonials and examples of advertisements you place in connection with our promotion of these services to third parties. Testimonials and advertisements may include your name and other personal information that you have provided. Other Uses. We may use the information (whether or not personally identifiable) that you provide to us to also, among other things: E-mail information and offers to you. Mail information and offers to you. Provide your information to third parties to fulfill services you have requested or that may be of interest to you. Compile anonymous statistical information and analysis. Provide compiled anonymous information to third parties. Provide, sell, or rent anonymous statistical information and analysis to third parties for advertising purposes. Help administer and protect the security of Ordermark. Facilitate the processing by third parties of payment for online purchases or other transactions. Prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraud, security breaches, and potentially prohibited or illegal activities. Third Party Tracking and Online Behavioral Advertising. We may share, or we may permit third party online advertising networks, social media companies and other third-party services, to collect, information about your use of our website over time so that they may play or display ads on our Service, on other devices you may use, and on other websites, apps or services. Typically, though not always, the information we share is provided through cookies or similar tracking technologies, which recognize the device you are using and collect information, including click stream information, browser type, time and date you visited the site and other information. We may also share a common account identifier (such as an email address or user ID) to help us identify you across devices. We and our third-party partners use this information to make the advertisements you see online more relevant to your interests. As noted above, depending on your browser or mobile device, you may be able set your browser to delete or notify you of cookies and other tracking technology by actively managing the settings on your browser or mobile device. You may also be able to limit interest-based advertising through the settings on your mobile device by selecting “limit ad tracking” (iOS) or “opt-out of interest based ads” (Android). To learn more about interest-based advertising and how you may be able to opt-out of some of this advertising, you may wish to visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s online resources, at http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices, and/or the DAA’s resources at www.aboutads.info/choices, and you may also adjust your ad preferences through your Facebook settings. Some of these opt-outs may not be effective unless your browser is set to accept cookies. Furthermore, if you use a different device, change browsers or delete the opt-out cookie, you may need to perform the opt-out task again. You may also be able to opt-out of some – but not all – interest-based ads served by mobile ad networks by visiting http://youradchoices.com/appchoices and downloading the mobile AppChoices app. How long do we keep Site information? We keep the information you provided while your account is in existence or as needed to provide you services. We may keep your information even after you have closed your account if retention is reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce this Policy and our Terms of Use Agreement. We may keep information, for a limited period of time, if requested by law enforcement. Our Customer Service team may retain information for as long as is necessary to provide support-related reporting and trend analysis only, but we generally delete or de-personalize closed account data consistent with this Policy. When Do We Share Information? We only share information about you as described or permitted by this Policy, unless you consent to other sharing. We may share information about you in the following ways: Corporate Affiliates. We may share information with our corporate affiliates for their everyday business purposes, to provide services or to perform marketing. We may also participate in joint ventures with others and we may share information as part of that joint venture. Partner Sites. We may share the information we gather with Partner Service Providers. We may share information with third party service providers who help us operate our business or provide services on our behalf. These service providers include analytics companies and advertising networks that provide Metrics Tools on our Sites. Promotional. We may share information with third parties to help us promote our products and services, or to help us customize advertisements, offers, or other communications to you. Business Transfer. We may share information we have collected from you in connection with the sale or merger of our business or the transfer of assets. Protection of Ourselves and Others. We may use and share the information we gather to enforce our rights and protect our property and those of our affiliates, customers and members of the public, to comply with applicable law, legal process, legal advice and for preventing fraud, and theft. What Choices Do I Have Regarding My Information? You may limit and control the information provided to us in a number of ways. You may not be able to use all features of our Site if you limit the information you share with us. For example, you can choose not to access our Sites through your social media account. You may also be able to limit the information provided to us by third party social media providers by altering your privacy settings with those providers. Your browser and your device may provide you the option to limit the use of cookies or other Metrics Tools. You should consult documentation for your browser or device for more information. Your mobile device may have settings that allow you to prevent sharing geolocation information with us. You should consult your mobile device’s settings or help documentation for more information about exercising these options. How Do We Handle Privacy Disputes? By using this Site, you agree that any dispute arising out of or relating to the Site, the Sites’ content or the services or materials made available on the Sites, or regarding information collected or shared about you, is subject to the Choice of Law, Venue, and Class Action Waiver provisions in our Terms of Service. How Do We Protect the Security of the Information? We use administrative, technical, and physical security designed to safeguard personal information in our possession. We cannot guarantee the security of the information that we collect and store. If you believe that information about you has been subject to unauthorized disclosure, please let us know your Ordermark representative know or by mailing us at: Ordermark Inc. 12045 E Waterfront Dr, 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90094 How Can we be Contacted Regarding Privacy Issues? You can contact us with questions or comments about our privacy practices at: Ordermark Inc. 12045 E Waterfront Dr, 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90094 Lead Sharing Privacy Policy We employ other companies and people to provide services to visitors to our Websites and our customers and users of the Subscription Service and may elect to share your information with them to provide information, products or services to you. Examples may include removing repetitive information from prospect lists, analyzing data or performing statistical analysis, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, supplementing the information you provide us in order to provide you with better service, and providing customer service or support. In all cases where we share your information with such agents, we explicitly require the agent to acknowledge and adhere to our privacy and customer data handling policies. Ordermark Partners In addition, we may share data with trusted partners to contact you based on your request to receive such communications, help us perform statistical analysis, or provide customer support. Such third parties are prohibited from using your Personal Information except for these purposes, and they are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information. We partner with trusted third parties to provide you with co-marketing content that we think may be relevant to you. When you engage with these co-marketing partners, we will tell you who we are sharing data with, and provide a link to the co-marketing partner’s privacy policy so you can learn more about how to opt-out of the partner’s communications. These co-marketing partners are required to adhere to our privacy and data protection policies. For more information on our co-marketing program, see this page. Corporate Events If we (or our assets) are acquired by another company, whether by merger, acquisition, bankruptcy or otherwise, that company would receive all information gathered by Ordermark on the Websites and the Subscription Service. In this event, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website, of any change in ownership, uses of your Personal Information, and choices you may have regarding your Personal Information. Compelled Disclosure We reserve the right to use or disclose your Personal Information if required by law or if we reasonably believe that use or disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or comply with a law, court order, or legal process.

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