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Orders – FAQ

How soon after a customer places an order online will it show up on the Ordermark tablet and print?

  • The Ordermark system confirms orders and automatically prints them moments after the order is placed. At the top of the ticket, you can see which online ordering service the order came from. This is also indicated on the Orders home screen.

Do I still need to “confirm” orders on the other online ordering tablets?

  • All orders are auto-confirmed.

If we accepted and prepped the order, but the customer or driver cancels, do we still get paid?

  • Yes – you will still be paid directly by the online ordering service.
  • We always recommend a Standard Prep Time for all orders, which can help keep your delivery times consistent.

 Pro Tip: Many of our most successful restaurant partners find that 10-15 minutes generally works for them.

Updated on January 4, 2022

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