How do payments with the platforms work?

Uber Eats:

  • Uber Eats payments are issued weekly via direct deposit into your bank account. The Uber Eats pay period runs from 12 AM on Monday until 12 AM on Monday of the following week, with deposits initiating on Mondays. It typically takes 1-2 days for banks to process payments, so you should receive deposits by the middle of each week. If you have recently updated your bank information, or input it for the first time, it may take an additional week for payments to post.


  • Doordash payment period runs from Monday through Sunday. Payments are made the following Thursday for the prior week. If your store is reimbursed for an error charge from a previous week, please keep in mind that additional payment will affect the current payment period’s total. Because of these reasons, your Payments tab may not match the net payout on your Deliveries tab. Use all Payments listed on the page to help with accounting purposes.​


  • You can choose to be paid once a week via direct deposit or once a month via check. If you set up direct deposit, you also gain access to expedited payments for a $1.00 transaction fee.

Do I pay a delivery fee for orders?

  • No, customers will pay the delivery fee for all orders.

Can customers pay cash for their orders?

  • DoorDash may allow customers to pay by cash upon delivery. The customer pays the driver, and your Restaurant is still paid by DoorDash directly.
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Updated on January 4, 2022

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