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POS Direct Integrations

POS Direct Overview

  • About POS Direct Integrations
    • With a POS Direct integration through Ordermark, all delivery orders will flow directly to your POS! You no longer need to rely on 3rd party delivery tablets or printers to receive orders and you will no longer need to manually enter orders into your POS. We help simplify your restaurant’s online ordering operations and take away the pain points of delivery orders.
  • Benefits of a POS Direct Integration
    • Scale onto more delivery services without acquiring more tablets or printers!
    • Receive clean order tickets directly from your delivery service providers into your POS, and eliminate any manual entry needed to fulfill orders.
    • Track your Online Ordering sales directly in your POS and make end-of-day reconciliation easier for you and your staff.
  • Interested in a POS Direct Integration?
    • POS Direct Integration through Ordermark is currently only available for TouchBistro and PAR Brink customers.
      • Interested in switching to TouchBistro or Brink?
      • Already using TouchBistro or Brink?
        • Please visit ordermark.com to schedule a demo and speak with a sales team member.
        • Call our support team at 833-673-3762 and let a representative know you are interested in our POS Direct Integration services.
      • Want to speak with the POS Direct team?


  • Sync and menu updates
    • You are welcome to update your menu whenever you need to!
    • Since we use the POS Online Ordering Menu to push orders to the POS, if you need to add, edit or modify any items, sections, or modifiers, be sure to make edits on the POS first and then contact our team to provide the specific menu changes you made so we can update your Sync menu.
    • Please do not make edits directly to your 3rd party menus as this may cause order issues and errors. Instead contact us and we will update your 3rd party menus on your behalf.
    • It is best practice to email the POS Direct team about menu changes. We can help guide you through the necessary steps to get the menus updated if you have questions.
  • Order issues or errors (missing items, incorrect items, error messages, missed orders, broken integration)
    • If you are experiencing order issues please reach out to the POS Direct team ASAP!
      • Please include the order numbers and names and specific details about the issues you are facing.
  • POS hardware issues
    • Please contact your POS provider ASAP!
      • Unfortunately, our POS Direct team cannot assist with the POS hardware.
  • Ordermark tablet issues
    • Please contact Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762, by SMS at 206-690-8442 or by email at [email protected].

POS Direct FAQs

  • How long does it take to onboard a POS Direct Integration?
    • Onboarding for POS Integration takes around 2 to 3 weeks. Due to the technical nature of the integration, please be aware of this timeline and plan accordingly.
  • What is needed for POS Direct Integration?
    • Using TouchBistro or PARBrink.
    • A POS Online Ordering menu.
      • If you have questions about creating an Online Ordering menu in your POS, please contact your POS provider to help.
    • Be active on at least one 3rd party delivery service.
      • If you have questions about which delivery services we integrate with, please contact Ordermark support by phone at 833-673-3762, by SMS at 206-690-8442 or by email at [email protected].
  • Do I have flexibility with my menu?
    • Yes!
      • All POS Direct integrated clients will use our menu management system called Sync. In Sync, you can create different menus (ex: Lunch, dinner, etc.), adjust pricing, edit naming conventions, and organize items, sections, and modifiers as needed. You can also have different pricing on your POS menu and your 3rd party menus; we understand that you may want to cover the costs of commission pricing on your delivery orders.
  • What equipment do I receive?
    • An Ordermark tablet
      • You will use this to 86 items, pause ordering on delivery services and as a backup if anything should happen to your POS system.
      • You will not need to take any action or accept orders on the Ordermark tablet. All orders will be sent to your POS.
      • Please note that you will not need an Ordermark printer. You will be using your POS printers and/or KDS screens to view all 3rd party orders.

Contact us

Phone: 833-673-3762
SMS: 206-690-8442
Email: [email protected]
Updated on August 23, 2023